About Oscen

Jiangsu Oscen Hydraulic Technology Co. Ltd., has been manufacturing and supplying a variety of hydraulic components for a number of years.

Our experienced and dedicated staff is capable of designing nearly any custom machine to meet customer needs, with our factory covering more than 10,000 square meters, and equipped with a full line of advanced production equipment.

Customers come to us seeking reliable and efficient OS-A4V and OS-A10V series swashplate variable displacement axial piston pumps, OS-A7V series bent-axis variable displacement axial piston pumps, and OS-A2F series fixed displacement pump motors in over 26 different specifications, to meet their various needs for hydraulic pumps and motors. As a leading hydraulic component manufacturer in China, we have provided a number of products, including OS-A4V series hydraulic pumps with a displacement of 125mL/r. The axial piston pump has undergone 30,000 hours of testing on a Baosteel 2050 precision hydraulic servo system, gaining a top position in the Chinese industry for hydraulics. In addition to working with Shanghai Baosteel, we have also established partnerships with Jiangsu Yangli Group, Haimen Youweii Group and other well-known enterprises, and we look forward to working with you.

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